Supplier of analytical instruments to R&D laboratories
We are introducing modern technologies to the service of scientific community
About company
Our purpose is to provide universities, research organizations and laboratories with advanced analytical, technological and measurement equipment.
We offer a wide range of instruments manufactured by world`s top companies.
The complete equipment solutions we provide, are accompanied by the credibility of the experienced Invention Bridge personnel.
We study your needs, install the machines on site and provide maintenance and personnel training.
We provide equipment for the following applications:
Environmental & Biomedicine
We offer laboratory equipment for Environmental research and research in Biomedicine
Materials science
We offer analytical and technological equipment for research in Materials science
We offer test&measurement, analytical and technological equipment for research in Microelectronics
3D prototyping
We offer 3D printers, nanoprototyping systems for different purposes
Why choose us?
Access our expertise to effectively address laboratory challenges faced today and into the future
Experienced engineers
Yon can rely on our professionals whose experience let you have state-of-art instruments
Customized service
We study your needs carefully and offer equipment that best meet your requirements.
Operational productivity
We offer end-to-end services and high-end instruments that enable you to maximize operational productivity and to get excellent results
Competitive prices
We are dealing with manufacturers around the world and offer you high quality products at competitive prices.
Services & Support
We are ready to provide you with training, maintenance and support. You can get support remotely or on site.
Quick shipment
We use the optimal transport system for immediate shipment of your lab equipment.
Our advantages
End-to-end services
We offer specialized, end-to-end services that enable scientists to maximize operational productivity
More than 100 world`s top brands
Quick shipment of equipment from more than 100 manufacturers
Optimized logistics
Our well-organized supply management system take care of the shipment. We do our best for your cargo delivery.
Flexible payment terms
We offer different payment and delivery terms.
Shipping control at every step
We document every step of the process to ensure the system arrives on time and in one piece.
Our services
We offer end-to-end services to our customers: starting from studying the needs to installation and training.
Analytical, technological and test & measurement equipment
We work closely with our customers to better understand their needs and offer analytical, technological and test&measurement equipment that best meets their requirements. You can determine the list of brands yourself or rely on our choice.
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Measurement of Electromagnetic fields and Vibration
Before planning where the laboratory are to be located, you should make sure that electromagnetic field and vibrations do not interfere with the operation of precision equipment. Our engineers help you to avoid this.
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Maintenance & Support
We provide you with warranty according to the contract terms.
When post-purchase period has expired, we are happy to offer an extended warranty for purchase.
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Installation & Training
We provide you with a full range of services: shipment, installation in its location, start-up and training. Works are made either by our engineers or by manufacturer`s engineers.
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How we work:
Stage №1

You send us your request
Stage №2

We make an offer.
Stage №3
Agree on the terms of payment and shipment
Stage №4
Sign the contract.
Stage №5
You get the equipment and make payment
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